Joel Del Rosario

Thanks so much for your support of "Delicious Vinyl" and "Past Present Future".  Currently, we're moving up the jazz and Billboard charts!  Just take a look at the latest ratings!


I had such an awesome time at this year's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.  It was truly a dream come true for me and my first step towards achieving my dreams of winning a Grammy!  Seeing all your heroes and being in the same vicinity really made it special as I sat 3 rows from blues legend Buddy Guy (awesome!!).  Well, as my journey continues, I bring to you another baby step towards that process as I will be releasing my upcoming single in March 2016 and a full length album in April!  Please begin to tell your friends about my upcoming projects and I hope to see you in Los Angeles come 3/13!


Thanks for your love and support!



Hello everyone, hope all is well and safe with you!  Lately I've been busy getting ready for shows and working on songs and I thank you all for coming to the shows and supporting live music!  I'm excited to announce the completion of the songs off my next release (which is still yet unnamed)!  However, I will be releasing the album in 2016 and definitely know that many of you have been waiting a while for it.  I do promise however that it will be worth the wait as I have some great surprises coming your way, so please bear with me :)  In the meantime, I hope to see you soon and please purchase my music on either iTunes or CDBaby.  See you at my next show!



I'd like to send out special thanks to Watt's Winery and Inner City Productions based out of Northern California for having me perform this past weekend at their awesome event filled with wine and music.  The weather was fantastic, the food was awesome, and the crowd was amazing!  I again had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!  Currently working on music for my friends Dee Lucas and Surewill so look forward to more new music this year! 

Many thanks to the awesome friends I met at NAMM this past week at Anaheim, LA.  It was definitely an awesome event where I got to meet all my awesome jazz friends and retailers from all around the US!  I got to see a lot of new gear and was impressed by the selection coming out this 2014.  But, the one that topped it all off was getting an endorsement from the luthiers at D'angelico!  For those of you that don't know, I've been using their guitars on the "Coast to Coast" and "Side by Side" projects.  I currently have used the NYSD and the EXS-1 which are both exceptional guitars!  Again, many thanks to the fantastic folks at D'angelico and I look forward to showing you my latest guitar!  In the meantime, check them out here:

Hello everyone and hope your Fall Season is going very well.  It's close to Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful for all of you visiting my site!  Currently, the Side by Side project with Surewill has been doing awesome and we've actually been well received all around the world!  Many special thanks to our radio partners from Australia, Africa, the USA, Asia, and Europe for spinning songs such as: Mon Frere to The Walk off the new album!  Thank You Thank You!  Currently, after a long break, I've decided to starting churning the creative juices for the next album.  It'll definitely be one to travel with (hint hint).  Anyways, have a great holiday season and I hope to see you soon! -jDR

Hello everyone, I'm truly excited to announce the release of my latest project with keyboardist, "Surewill" titled "Side by Side"!!  Containing 10 original tracks, the album also features several friends of mine (Tony Exum Jr., Toney Rhodes, & Sam Hankins) who do an amazing job.  Truly!!  The album releases 9/28 (hard physical copy) in Bethesda, MD as I perform with the Sophisticated Gents at the popular 4935 Bar & Kitchen!!  This will be a one night event that you won't want to miss!!  Get your tickets today by clicking the pic below!  See you soon!-jDR

I really want to send a special shout out to the music lovers in Austin, TX who got a taste of the "Sophisticated Gents" show at Round Rock this past weekend.  The 'gents' tore the show up and we made a lot of new friends and family!  Thanks so much for coming to the show!  Also, a special thanks and shout out goes to my man, "Hank Howe" of SOJA (Save Our Jazz Alliance Inc.) who worked tirelessly to put this event together!  Thanks Hank!  Also much love goes out to KAZI 88.7 FM (Austin, TX) who showed mad love for us!  We love you!  So all in all you know that we had a great time!  Currently about to get into the studio and master these tracks for my latest project with Surewill!  Album will drop somewhere in September so keep you ears and eyes open!  Let the music move you! -jDR

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I posted and I hope all is well with you!  I am excited to announce the release of Cal Harris Jr.'s album "Shelter Island" featuring: Marion Meadows, Ricky Lawson, Elan Trotman, along with many others including myself!  I am deeply honored and blessed to be a part of this project so take a listen and get your copy today!  Here's a brief review from

Esteemed contemporary jazz keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. definitely brings the "smooth" and the "sexy" back to Smooth Jazz with his outstanding sophomore release, SHELTER ISLAND. Mr. Harris has concocted a luscious concept album that will whisk you away to exotic, mysterious places where you can reconnect with your higher self and feel truly stress-free. He's gathered top-shelf talent to support his beautiful playing, too. Sax work from Marion Meadows, Elan Trotman, and talented newcomer Keith McKelley, together with Ricky Lawson (Yellowjackets) on drums and up-and-coming indie guitarist Joel del Rosario, add immeasurably to the lovely patina of the ten original tracks, including the radio hits "Smooth" and "By the Bay." I must tell you - this is one of the most beautifully assembled and performed keyboard-driven albums I've heard so far this year... one that any Smooth Jazz aficionado would be delighted to include in their collection. That means you! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN

Just a quick shout out to everyone who had purchased tickets to see my friend Dee Lucas at Spaghettini's in Southern California.  Thank you all so much for coming to the show and enjoying the party!  I had so much fun performing with Dee's super band and definitely meeting you all!  Currently, several shows are in the works and I believe we are confirmed to play San Antonio, TX this coming May 31st and Jun 1st!  Lineup to include:  Surewill, Dee Lucas, Russell Blake, and myself along with of course, a tough band!  Please continue to tell your friends about my CD "Coast to Coast" and hope to see you soon! -jDR

I am truly hoping you all are enjoying your holidays and remind you to please be safe during this time of the year!  2012 has been an amazing year full of great surprises for me, and I'm truly grateful to have met so many of you over these past few months!  As far as 2013 looks, I'm amazed at all the opportunities coming my way as I am right now looking over several contracts to perform all around the US!  But, to start off, please join me Jan 20 2013 as I kick the year off with my friends Dee Lucas & Surewill at Yoshi's San Francisco!  Tickets are available right now, and please ask that you purchase them here.  Let's make 2013 great together & I hope to see you again soon!  Until then, be blessed and safe! -jDR

Hello everyone, hope all is well with you.  I have definitely been busy the past few months working on the upcoming Surewill/jDR project, and we're now 4 songs into the EP which will be titled "Side by Side".  I'm also currently writing some new material for several other smooth jazz artists and it's been a real treat and challenge to manage all these wonderful projects!  Either way, I'm really looking forward to you hearing these songs and I also hope to see you come Sept 29 as I sit in with my friends at Paddy's Cafe in Union City, CA!  Until then, please drop by and say hello and I hope to see you soon!

These past few weeks have been 'go go go' for me as I've been balancing shows and working on my upcoming project with keyboardist, Surewill.  Currently I had just completed a fantastic show with saxman, Dee Lucas and Surewill at Enotria's Wine Bar/Restaurant in Sacramento, CA a few weeks ago.  The turnout was awesome and it was a pleasure to meet my new friends and jazz lovers that I'm looking forward to networking with again!  Currently, I'm in the studio working on song #3 of the latest "Side by Side" project with Surewill and it seriously is sounding fantastic!  We are spanning the globe this time collecting sounds from areas that jump out to us.  You'll definitely get the "Smooth" on this album mixed with some 'guest artists' I'm excited to work with.  In the meantime, please stay tuned.  I will be reconnecting/performing with some friends September 29th at my old stomping grounds of "Paddy's Cafe" in Union City where I hope to see you!

In the meantime, take care!



Hello everyone, I just want to say a big "THANK YOU" to my new friends and family in DC/Maryland/Virginia!  I had an awesome time at the world famous 'Blues Alley Jazz & Supper Club' in DC.  The band was hot, the food was awesome, and the weather was of course 100 degrees!  All in all I had a lot of fun and hope to see you all again soon family!  Thanks for making it so special! Shouts go out to Ron Jackson of the "Smooth Jazz Ride", Cres O'Neal of "Jazzin Em Up", and Jazzy Harris!  Love you guys!  Much love to you all DC!

If you haven't yet purchased my album "Coast to Coast" please do right now!  $9.99 gets you the whole CD!  I am also excited to announce that I will be performing with sax man 'Dee Lucas' and Surewill at 'Enotria's Restaurant & Wine Bar in Sacramento, CA come 7/22 from 7pm-10pm and I hope to see you there!  In the meantime, check the love we received from Blues Alley!


Hello everyone, summer is here and the weather in San Francisco has been awesome!  Hope your summer is starting out fantastic as well!  Come July 5th I will be at the world famous "Blues Alley Jazz & Supper Club" in Washington DC for an incredible night of music with my big brother Surewill and saxman, Brian Lenair!  Please please get your tickets to this show that I am really excited about!  Also don't forget to "Purchase" your copy of my album "Coast to Coast" at and tell your friends/family about it as well!  I look forward to seeing you's time to party!


Hello everyone, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to ALL my Arizona fans!  I had a wonderful time catching up with all of you and making new friends!  I honestly had an awesome time performing with Arizona's own: Cal Harris Jr. & Neamen Lyles along with some incredible musicians:  Jabari Kersey, Kent Stallard, & Mario Mendivil!  And it doesn't end there!  Upon arriving back home in San Francisco I was shocked to read that "Seattle" off my album "Coast to Coast" was the "#1 Most Increased Played Song" at: (jazz charts)!  And honestly, I've always wanted to make it in there and it's happening!  So I sincerely thank all the radio stations out there that have been and have begun spinning my music.  It's truly an honor for me! 

Come May 19th I will be performing "live" at the 8th annual Asian Heritage Festival (jazz stage) in my hometown of San Francisco where they will close several city blocks to celebrate this occasion.  I really do hope to see you there!  More info is available on the "Calendar" section of my site!  Til then, stay Jazzy!


Greetings and hope your Spring has been full of sun and warm weather!  So far, things in the Bay Area have been excellent and the music has been keeping me busy!  I'm pleased to announce that I've been asked to perform at the 8th annual "Asian Heritage Festival" in San Francisco!  Below you can click the link to find out more about this event where they'll close several blocks of my beautiful city and fill it with performances and art!

I'm also excited to announce that I'm currently working on my next album and the first track will feature my friend, educator, and awesome trumpeter, Farnell Newton!  Who by the way has an excellent album out called "Class is now in Session"!  Purchase it today!


I'm excited to announce that this coming July 31st I will be playing my first ever "at home" show at "Yoshi's San Francisco" with my good friend, Surewill.  Yoshi's Jazz Club is located at the historic "Fillmore" neighborhood featuring music & fine restaurants at every corner.  I look forward to seeing you there and please tell your friends!

I'm excited to announce a very special show date come 5/6 in Scottsdale, AZ!  Join me along with Cal Harris Jr. & Neamen Lyles for a night of electrifying music at Kazimierz World Wine Bar.  Tickets are ONLY $5 and will be sold at the door!  Please DO NOT MISS THIS PARTY as it's going to be HOT!  I'll see you there!  

Hello all!  I am truly exited to share some future show dates I've added for 2012!  Please check my "Calendar" page here on my site to find out more info!  The shows are beginning to pile up and rumor has it I'll be seeing you all in New York yet again!  Until then, please check out my latest release with Surewill "Side by Side" available as a download here on my site!

Here are more pics of the show in NYC!  Enjoy!

Hello everyone and hope your March is going well! I just came back from New York a few days ago and had a great time playing with Curtis Haywood (sax) and Surewill (keyboards) while hearing some really funny comedians at Club Giggles in Hempstead, NY. Currently, I'm excited to announce two new events coming out your way!  I'll be playing at "Lyricist's Lounge" in Los Angeles this coming July with another show in May which is being locked down.  I'm also working with keyboardist/producer Cal Harris Jr. on his upcoming album which is sounding really fantastic so be on the lookout!  Please make sure to check out my latest single "Side by Side" with Surewill now available as a download on the "Purchase" section here and please stay safe and be blessed! - jDR


I'm so humbled and pleased to announce that I have been chosen "Guitarist of the Year" at Coffee Talk Jazz Radio with Bridgette Lewis! Over 30,000 voted for me for this special category and I thank you SO MUCH!  As if that weren't enough to make my 2011 special..."Coast to Coast" has also been chosen Top 10 Albums of the Year at Talking Smooth Jazz!  Thank you so much to the both Bridgette Lewis with Coffee Talk Jazz Radio and the folks at Talking Smooth Jazz, and thanks to YOU for making it all happen!  Let's make 2012 even better!  



Hello and happy holidays to you!  I'm so excited to announce that I am almost done writing a brand new single with my friend, keyboardist, Will Clark or "Surewill"!  We will be naming the latest release "Side By Side", a reflection of our friendship, with a special shout out to our mutual friend "Reggie Mitchell", host of "The Definition of Smooth" who came up with the title!  With 2012 coming around the corner, I would like to please ask your help in spreading the news about my latest release with your friends, family, and especially festival/concert promoters!  I'd really love to meet you all in person and share this music with you live!  So please join me in spreading the word and I'm hoping to see you soon!


I'm exited to announce that I am now being featured on US Smooth Jazz, featuring your smooth jazz favorites all on one site!  Even more exciting, they are about to begin airing their 'Christmas' smooth jazz show on the 25th of November which includes my rendition of Donnie Hathaway's "This Christmas"!  Tune on in!

I had an absolute fantastic time at this year's Los Angeles Music Awards.  My friend, keyboardist, "Will Clark" received the award for "National Touring Artist of the Year" to which I was very pleased!  Music was great and I got to interact with some awesome musicians who you might know!  Currently I'm back at the studio working on some music and working at locking down more show dates.  Until then, enjoy this coming Thanksgiving with your loved ones! -jDR

I would like to say a a big THANK YOU to those of you that attended this year's "Vistancia Music & Wine Festival" in Peoria, AZ.  I really had a great time meeting all of you and playing with some top notch musicians!  Currently we are in talks on playing next year's Music & Wine Festival and I can't wait to see you all again!  Until then, make sure to tell your friends about my latest release "Coast to Coast" available here for only $9.99 (as a download) also found on iTunes as well!  A huge THANK YOU also goes out to George Childress who took this awesome picture from the festival!

Just added!  I will be performing at a 'live' show taping of "EVB Live" (Channel 12 News) in Phoenix, AZ!  Joining me will be Smooth Jazz Artists: Surewill, Gabriel Bey, Curtis Haywood, along with many others!  Please join us at this event!  More info on my "Calendar" page!

Just a few days away!  Join me along with Smooth Jazz Artists: Curtis Haywood, Will Clark, & Gabriel Bey at this year's "Vistancia Music & Wine Festival" in Peoria, AZ!  You can purchase your tickets to this event by clicking on the link (pic) below!  Hope to see you there! - jDR

"This Music & Wine Festival will be benefitting “Fighter Country Partnership” foundation which supports the families of Luke Air Force Base thru a number of programs that assist servicemen abroad, and their families here at home. This event will also be co-sponsored by the City of Peoria who will be cross-promoting to become an annual event." (Arizona Commission of the Arts)

I'm proud to announce that I've been voted "One of the Most Inspirational Artists" at the new "CTJR Web Site":

Please come and take a tour of Bridgette Lewis' (Founder/Owner) awesome Talk Show Site featuring all your top jazz artists! 

Inspire-Music has nourished our minds and souls and it’s our gift to pass on.  As artists we bring a unique flavor with a futuristic feel to today'’s music.  Our stage presence keeps the audience engaged to the last note.Our music is both organic in nature and "thrilling in effect" Our project’s are deeply lyrical, we're gifted songwriters and we stay true to our call while we create a genre all our  own.

I'm pleased to announce I'm now being played in Switzerland via "Swiss Groove" radio!  Tune in to catch several tracks off my latest release "Coast to Coast"!

I would like to thank my friend and fellow music aficionado, Jamel Eddine Barbirou who included me in his radio show "The Funky Smooth Show" based out of Tunisia!  You can listen to the recorded show which feature fantastic music from many artists all around the world.  Thanks again Jamel!

I really had an awesome time in Buffalo, NY this past week!  I was fortunate to have played with Will Clark and the "Buffalo All Star Band" and even got some really key lessons in music theory & met some awesome Facebook friends!  Right now I'm getting ready for a few dates which include the Vistancia Jazz & Wine Festival in Arizona (more info on the dates page).  Till then, please continue to tell your friends and family about my latest album "Coast to Coast" and make sure they purchase it!  Remember, $9.99 gets you the whole album ;)

In the meantime, here's a pic with me and amazing session/touring bassist, Rodney Applebey taken by my friend/radio personality, Reggie Mitchell at the Metropolitan Complex in Buffalo, NY:  Funkin' it up!

It's my pleasure to announce that my music has been picked up by "" playing the best in R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Classic Soul with your host, Courtny Court-man Young! is an online radio station based out of Maryland playing a lot of my favorites!  Thanks again to Hank Howe & Sax Man Tony Exum Jr. for the introduction!

Please check out the latest AWESOME review of my album "Coast to Coast" via Brent Black of @ Critical Jazz! 

I've just been notified that my latest release "Coast to Coast" will be the 'featured CD of the week' at Smooth Groove Phoenix, a fantastic online radio station featuring great jazz, fusion jazz, and smooth jazz music!  Thanks again Ron Holloway and Coco Spencer!

This Saturday 8/13/11 I'll be featured on Jo Khool's radio show!  Please tune in coming to you 'live' from Rochester, NY!

I am thrilled to present an awesome review of my album "Coast to Coast" via Ronald Jackson, President of "The Smooth Jazz Ride"! Please take a minute or two to read the fantastic review as well as the reviews of artists: Nick Colionne, Gail Johnson, & Bob Baldwin!



Will Clark and I have just been added to this year's Solano County Fair!  This is going to be a fantastic outdoor event filled with music and food!  Please stop by and catch us at the fair 1:00pm-2:00pm!  Hope to see you there!

I'm excited to announce that I've been invited to perform at this year's "Vistancia Music & Wine Festival" held in Peoria, Arizona!  Keyboardist, Will Clark will also be there!  So, make sure to keep November 5, 2011 open and I look forward to seeing you there! - jDR

Please join me Aug 28 for some 'face time' as Donna Whittington of "The Color of Jazz" interviews me 'live' on the internet!  "The Color of Jazz" is an innovative new talk show featuring today's jazz/r&b/urban/gospel musicians from all over the world.  Streamed 'live' on the internet, you get to see and interact with your favorite artists 'real time'!  So come on by and hope to chat with you there! I'll be sharing my music from my latest release "Coast to Coast"! - jDR

Hello everyone!  July is here and the heat is getting people out and about!  Great festivals and shows coming up which I hope you all are enjoying :)  I'm happy to announce that for the month of July I am being featured as the 'Artist of the Month' at Smooth Jazz Beach Radio, based out of the Bay Area!  Please tune and check out Louis' fantastic compilation of smooth jazz from both independent and mainstream artists!

Hello and hope your summer is fantastic!  I'd like to thank you so much for making my latest release "Coast to Coast" such a success!  I've received such an overwhelming response all around the world and would like to thank you for being a part of it!  Currently, the month of July will be a very busy one for me, with several show dates including me partnering with awesome Christian recording artists: "Elizabeth Campisi" & "Saylah" (Various Dates).  I am 'thrilled' to be sharing the "Coast to Coast" project at Vallejo's own "Havana Sol" Cuban restaurant, hosted by radio personality "Triple J" and sponsored by Jamz Fussion & Ozcat Radio 89.5 FM July 27...which you definitely won't want to miss!

I am also excited to announce that on September 10, I'll be in Buffalo, NY with my 'Big Brother' Will Clark for a show sponsored by radio host 'David Allen' and DAP Entertainment!  (More info found under my "Calendar" page)

Again, thank you for your support and I truly hope to see you soon!  In the meantime, take care and be safe!  Blessings! -jDR

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by and hope all is well with you!  I am excited to announce several show dates coming up! Currently I have a few appearances with gospel rap artist: Saylah, and on July 25 at the C28 Christian Clothing Store (San Jose) I will be performing with him to introduce founder/CEO, Aurelio Barretto III!  I will also be joining Saylah July 9 at 'San Quentin Prison.  In terms of the "Coast to Coast" project, I will be returning as a part of this year's San Jose Jazz Festival, featuring the best in jazz August 13 at the Koji Sake Lounge!  Finally, I am working on booking a few shows in Vallejo and San Jose.  So this summer's looking to be a busy one!  

Thank you so much for stopping by and please tell your friends about my album "Coast to Coast" now available on iTunes and CD Baby! Hope to see you soon! -jDR


Hello everyone, hope all is well with you!  I was just informed by the "Digital Guy" himself, Bruce Nazarian that my song "Seattle" was featured on this week's show!  If you had missed it, you can follow these simple instructions to listen to the archived recording of this week's show (on iTunes)!  Thanks again Bruce!

To subscribe to our podcast via the iTunes podcast mechanism:

Please make sure to check out radio host, Bobby D's latest smooth mix featuring my track "God is Able" off the "Coast to Coast" album!  Fresh from Costa Rica!

I would like to sincerely thank the "Jazz Queen", Terri Scott and Mike Reynolds for an awesome radio interview this past Sunday 6/5/2011.  In this interview I spilled the beans about just 'who' came up with the suggestion for the album title "Coast to Coast" (also available on iTunes and CDBaby under 'Joel Del Rosario') amongst other surprising bits of info I'd like you to hear!  You can now download the hour long interview now on iTunes found under"Joel Del Rosario"!  In addition, my album will be featured in its entirety this Friday 6/10/2011 on the "Jazz Queen" show 6-8pm PST! (Click the link below to be connected)

Please stop by my friend, Mark Woodhouse's site called "Elements of Jazz" promoting both independent and mainstream jazz artists based out of Los Angeles, CA!

Please join me for a 'live' radio interview with the "Jazz Queen" of 'Talking Smooth Jazz", your premiere internet radio station featuring both mainstream and independent artists!

Click the link to find more on how to listen and or better yet, call in and connect with us!


Hello all, hope your holidays are going good and tummies are full! Every week on my site I'm making a point to feature all the awesome independent artists I've been running across all around the world. Today I'm especially excited to announce a fantastic artist I'm spotlighting here on my official web site!  Ladies and big brother "SUREWILL"!!  You can also find more of his music besides the video on the right at

I have been blessed to have visited and seen so many places in this beautiful world we live in, two of which are Vancouver & Victoria Island B.C.  Here's a fantastic review of my music from Greg Riggs with Lynn Valley Jazz based out of Victoria, BC!  Thank you so much Greg!   

Here's yet another great review of my latest album "Coast to Coast" from Europe via "Keys & Chords"!  Thanks to my friend from the beautiful country of Belgium, Patrick Van de Wiele!

I'd like to sincerely apologize to two fantastic radio hosts I haven't put here on my web site yet (but will!).  Gary Fuston of GHP radio and Michael Anthony Fernandez of Rhythm and Jazz Radio.  These two have fantastic radio shows featuring independent and mainstream jazz artists and have a huge following.  Please tune into their awesome radio shows accessible on my links page!  Thanks and I appreciate you both! -jDR

Just found out today they're playing "Hey it's the Weekend" on 96.3 HD-3 (Saint Louis, MO) and 2CCRFM 90.5 in Sydney, Australia .  Thanks for the love guys!  Let's keep this movement going around and around the world from Coast to Coast!  You can purchase my latest release by either clicking here or clicking on the widget on your right! -jDR

Happy May everyone!  I'm proud to share a fantastic review coming all the way from Germany via Hans-Bernd Hulsmann of where I am currently featured!  You can find the review on my Press/Reviews page, but you can also access it here:  I'd also like to share a special interview with the one and only radio host of Coffee Talk, Bridgette Lewis!  Please take a listen to the awesome interview here!  featuring many special 'guest' appearances!

It's been an awesome week full of fantastic radio interviews and meeting new people.  I'd like to thank all of you that have been so supportive of my latest release "Coast to Coast".  It really has been exciting and yet humbling to hear all your fantastic comments!  Thank You!  I'd like to share a special CD review from my friend, singer, and radio host Cres O'Neal!
Joel’s music is truly a gift from heaven. His powerful compositions coupled with his extraordinary playing ability sets his listeners up for an emotionally spiritual experience they will never forget. Yes folks, he goes there. His new CD Coast to Coast is sure to rock your world.
His previous CDs, All Him, and Calming the Storm, are still enjoyed by audiences all over the world. And, Coast to Coast is gaining full momentum in becoming another great hit for this musical genus from San Diego.
So, jump on board, and let Joel take you on a deep soulful journey with tunes such as Been Good to Me, Hey It's the Weekend, and of course his title song Coast to Coast

"Joel’s music is truly a gift from heaven. His powerful compositions coupled with his extraordinary playing ability sets his listeners up for an emotionally spiritual experience they will never forget. Yes folks, he goes there. His new CD Coast to Coast is sure to rock your world.

His previous CDs, All Him, and Calming the Storm, are still enjoyed by audiences all over the world. And, Coast to Coast is gaining full momentum in becoming another great hit for this musical genius from San Francisco.

So, jump on board, and let Joel take you on a deep soulful journey with tunes such as Been Good to Me, Hey It's the Weekend, and of course his title song Coast to Coast."

Cres O'Neal res-oneal

Hello, and welcome!  I am thankful and happy to announce that I have some awesome "LIVE" radio interviews I'll be featured on!

1) Tue 4/19: Jamz Fussion "CD Spotlight" 7pm PST (89.5 FM) or ""

2) Thur 4/21: Coffeetalk w/Bridgette Lewis 3pm-4:30pm PST ""

3) Sat 4/30:  Interview w/"Tracy T" (1580 AM) or "" Champaign, IL @ 5:00pm Central

I'll be discussing the stories behind my current album "Coast to Coast" and a little about myself as well.  Hope to see you and hear from you there!  -jDR

I'd like to personally thank the overwhelming support for my latest album "Coast to Coast".  I've received many compliments from all around the world and I appreciate you and your comments!  I have restored the "Guestbook" page on this site and ask that you would please submit your comments!  Thanks again and please become a fan to be updated about upcoming shows! And as if you haven't downloaded my album, you can here: for only $9.99!

I'd like to thank Cres O'Neal for a fantastic interview to begin the release of "Coast to Coast", my latest album!  I'm happy to announce that you can purchase the whole album in its entirety at CD Baby at this site: it only costs 9.99 to purchase all 10 tracks which I know you'll love!  Hope to hear from you soon! -jDR

Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce I will be participating at this year's Relay for Life Cancer Walk again.  Relay for Life raises money and awareness to those who have and are suffering the horrible effects of cancer.  My mom was a victim of the disease and I make every effort to help those struggling through it.  I am supporting Team USA this year and here is a link to their Relay Site: please donate your time and effort to these events as it does help! -jDR

Hi everyone, just a few more weeks till my upcoming album "Coast to Coast" releases 4/1.  In the meantime, I'm currently working with keyboardist Surewill Clark (Janet Jackson, New Edition, Faith Evans) on locking in a release party date and venue.  I will definitely keep you posted so be on the lookout!  Please join my mailing list to be informed of upcoming dates! - jDR

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce that my music is now being played on a Clear Channel Radio station near you!!For more info regarding Clear Channel Radio, click this link - jDR

Welcome!  "Coast to Coast", the title track off my upcoming album (releasing 4/1) is being spotlighted on, an awesome internet radio station based out of the United Kingdom.  Please leave Norrie, a message! -jDR

Happy New Year to you all!  I'm very pleased to announce that my latest album is already done (finally!).  Pressing should begin soon, but in the meantime please request your local and internet smooth jazz stations to play my music on their site.  (They may contact me here and I would love to connect with them).The album will be titled "Coast to Coast", thanks to Mike Reynolds, host of Talking Smooth Jazz.  Thanks Mike!  Other than that, please fasten your seat belts because 2011 is going to be a great year!  God Bless!


Happy Holidays!  You know Christmas is just around the corner and I'll be playing at the Church of the Highlands in San Bruno for their Christmas Concert!  You can find more info at!  The event will be held December 18th!  Have a fun and safe holiday!

Had an great time listening to Bruce Nazarian's "The Digital Guy" show today.  Bruce was kind enough to feature a song of mine on his show and we had a fantastic response!  Find out more about his show on or!

Hello and happy November everyone!  Just wanted to tell you about that I'm now being managed by "Revolutions Entertainment!"  Find out more info on under "Revolutions Entertainment Management" and learn about many of the fantastic smooth jazz/contemporary jazz artists under the label.  Please click 'like' to be informed about what's going on with me and the other great artists!

Hello and happy October everyone.  Just wanted to remind you that you can purchase my album "Calm In The Storm" on iTunes and CDBaby searched under "Joel Del Rosario".  I am currently also being featured on, a company specializing in custom guitar/bass speaker enclosures!

Happy September everyone!  I'm happy to announce that we still have a few FM stations playing smooth jazz! Check out Ozcat Radio KZCT 89.5 FM where the independent artist get their music played on the air for those of you located in the San Francisco/Bay Area!!

I'd like to thank Bruce Nazarian, aka "The Digital Guy" for having me on his show this past Monday!  If you've never tuned into his radio show before, please take a listen to awesome jazz, funk, and r&b!  At!  I'm featured in podcast #30!



Bruce Nazarian: Producer, Studio Musician, Recording Artist, Grammy nominee, and long-time veteran of the music scene will be playing my song "Hey It's the Weekend" on his radio show Monday 8/23/2010.  Please take a listen at:

Hello and happy August!  I'm now endorsed by Earcandy Cabs!  They make amazing custom cabs for guitar & bass to accomodate all you working musicians!  Check them out at and tell them Joel sent you!


Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce that I am now being endorsed by "Steve Clayton, Inc." whose guitar pick you may have noticed on the cover of my latest album "Calm In The Storm"!  I've been using them for the past several years and they are definitely my picks of choice!!  So check them out today at Clayton Guitar Picks!


Custom Guitar Picks and Guitar Picks by Clayton, Inc.

Hello everybody! I'm currently on the Breakout Revolution tour with Gospel Hip Hop recording artist Saylah. Currently several dates have been confirmed. Check the following awesome video made 'Squint' for more info regarding this tour!
Hello everyone, I just finished a radio interview with the folks at Online Coast Radio based out of Las Vegas. Please take a listen to the podcast interviews which also includes guitarist Dee Brown! Here's the link to the podcast:
Happy June! I can't believe it's already the summertime! I'll be playing with mc/recording artist Saylah on his Breakout Tour! More info can be found on Saylah's Facebook page found under their search engine under "Saylah Music". In the meantime check out my single "Hey It's the Weekend" being played at several Smooth Jazz stations including (but not limited to): "Smooth Groove Phoenix, Talking Smooth Jazz, WHRC-New Jersey & many more!" If you haven't heard these stations take a listen and enjoy fantastic smooth jazz music 24/7! I'm also happy to announce that the single is still attracting other radio stations as well so I'll post other great stations to listen to! -Joel
Hello everybody. I just wanted to thank the awesome people at Smooth Groove Phoenix and Talking Smooth Jazz for having me on their radio show. I just found out that you can hear me on, an Austrian based Smooth Jazz radio station. Currently I am a step closer to completing my new album and am looking forward to you all hearing it! Till then, tune into these fantastic stations for more Smooth Jazz and be sure to grab a copy of "Calm In The Storm" on iTunes!
Two songs off my latest album are going to be featured via radio personality Terri Scott in Vegas' own Talking Smooth Jazz show friday at 7pm/pacific - 10pm/eastern. Site: so tune on in!
Thanks to Ron Holloway & Colleen Spencer at who just put my newest track "Hey, It's The Weekend!" in rotation! So, click on to hear my latest track off my newest album coming out this year!
Hello and happy April! I'll be playing alongside Hip Hop lyricist "Saylah" at his 5/8/10 CD Release "Breakout" so be sure to come on through! You can find more info at!
Hello everyone, I've updated my site with new gigs and dates coming this May so please check "calendar" for more info.
Happy February everyone! I will be updating this site with future show dates soon so keep on checking in! Also, make sure to grab your copy of "Calm in the Storm" at and iTunes!
Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great new year! I'll be updating this site and Facebook as well regarding future shows so I hope to see you soon! Also, you can purchase my CD on iTunes and CDBaby under "Joel Del Rosario". Thanks for visiting and I'll see you all later! -jdr
This December 19th join me as I celebrate the holidays with some great Gospel and R&B music via my friends Crystal Roberts, the band, and more 'surprise guests' at "the"Christmas Gospel Fest" in San Jose, CA! More info in the "calendar" section.
Happy Holidays everyone! Make sure to purchase a copy of "Calm in the Storm" as a holiday gift for your special friend and give them the gift of music! Also treat you mind and soul to ease by listening to this album which is used to calm even preschoolers!
Just had a blast at San Jose this past weekend playing some gospel and r&b with vocalist Crystal Roberts and her band. I just want to remind you that my CD is available online at iTunes and CDBaby under "Joel Del Rosario" so get your copy today!
Hey folks, if there ever was a fantastic combination out there it's music and food!! Yes food!! I'll be playing with soulful vocalist Crystal Roberts at the "Church of Eternal Life" in San Jose on Oct 24!! It's going to be a great night of Neo Soul, Smooth Jazz, and Gospel (and food!) so come on down!! Directions to the venue will be located on my Calendar Dates Page!
Just want to give a shout out to all the awesome people I met at Paddys on Saturday. It was a real treat to talk to all of you and to hear your awesome comments regarding my music. Sorry that my contact info on this web site has been out dated. I have updated all my contact info and booking contacts. So, if you have tried calling previously please try again and I would be happy to play at your next event! Joel Del Rosario
Purchase "Calm In the Storm" available now at iTunes and! Downloads are only .99/song! So get your copy now and sit back and relax to some great music!
Hi, I'll be debuting some new material from my upcoming 'untitled' album at Paddy's this coming 10/3/09! For more info, please check in! Show starts at 11:00am!
Within the next few weeks keep watch for band bio info and pictures. I'm currently working with Kirk Perkins (drummer for the Whispers), Pat Grisby (Bay Area session bassist), and Jimmy Mckinney (keyboards Lenny Williams-Tower of Power). How exciting! So keep watch and be sure to get your copy of "Calm in the Storm" at iTunes or CDBaby!
Download my album "Calm In The Storm" on iTunes for only .99 cents a song! You can also purchase the hard copy at CDBaby! Currently "One Way Street" in the "Calm In The Storm" album is being played on and several FM stations (including Harlem After Midnite WHCR 90.3 FM) throughout the US! Get your copy today!
Thanks for showing up and watching me at Paddy's and the Chit Chat Cafe these past several weeks. I really enjoyed sharing several of my songs (both old and new!) with you! You can purchase my CD's on iTunes and CDBaby and would very much appreciate if you did! I Hope to see all of you again soon and will update this site to tell you of more upcoming events!
Hello folks, just want to remind you that I'll be playing outdoors at Paddy's Cafe this Saturday 6/13/09 from 11am-1pm! For more info follow the link to Paddy's for some coffee and great music. Also come support our local growers as there will be local produce at Union City's farmer's market outside!
Hello and Welcome to JDR's web site. Please find our updated gig schedule under "Calendar Dates" also purchase your copy of "All Him" and "Calm In The Storm" at iTunes and CDBaby!
Get your copy of JDR's sophomore album "Calm In The Storm" on iTunes or CDbaby! All downloads are only .99 cents a song!
Check out my acoustic version of "Shout to the Lord" on youtube! Type 'jdrguitar' on the youtube search!
JDR is currently featured in! Be sure to stop by and tell them how much you love JDR's music! Also be sure to visit and check out their lineup of amazing smooth jazz artists (which includes JDR!).
We'd like to thank Eric for posting that is currently playing JDR's "One Way Street" remix on internet radio! Let's keep on telling how much we love the remix!
JDR's "Calm In The Storm" will soon be available for purchase at!
Welcome to the New Year! With eight tracks close to completion and another few to go, we are very close to completing my newest album which is yet unnamed. I'm very excited with this new project and know that you won't be disappointed! In the meantime, be sure to check out my albums "All Him" and "Calm In The Storm" via iTunes and CDBaby! Downoads are fast and you can enjoy great music without leaving your home!
I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Please visit my page on (under Joel Del Rosario) to check out my rendition of the classic 'Christmas Song'! Happy Holidays! Joel Del Rosario
I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and hope that all your dreams come true. Also, don't forget to purchase your copies of "All Him" and "Calm In The Storm" at or download it at iTunes!
With the holidays coming be sure to purchase your copy of "Calm In The Storm" available now at CDBaby and or iTunes!
I would like to personally invite you help me fight the battle against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society at this year's "Relay for Life" event in Burlingame, California (October 4). Every year many of our loved ones are taken away from us because of this fatal disease. We can all do our part to help. For more info please visit: Thank You Joel Del Rosario
We would like to personally thank you for purchasing JDR's "All Him" album. We will be restocking the CD as it has sold out. Thanks again and blessings.
Hello everyone, thanks for your orders online! Did you know there's a faster way to enjoy JDR's album "Calm In The Storm?" You can download the whole album via iTunes and!!
I would like to personally thank you all for making "Calm In The Storm" a success. Greetings and thanks to all radio stations and fans who have been gracious in their support. I pray my next album would be even better!! Love, JDR
Joel's new untitled album is almost done! Sound clips should be available in a few weeks!
Available on iTunes are songs from JDR's albums "Calm In The Storm" and "All Him" for your listening pleasure.
New York and Jersey listeners!! JDR's "All Him" and "Lord You Are" are now being aired on Gary Tann's "Harlem After Midnite" show on WHCR 90.3 FM! Give a shout out to Gary and tell him how much you love his show!
Joel's debut album "All Him" is now available on! Copies have been restocked after being sold out!
Be sure to get your copy of "Calm In The Storm" now at or ITunes!
Have a safe and happy holiday! JDR
Hello everyone, I'm currently still working on the 3rd album hopefully out by 2008 but in the meantime have a safe and happy holiday and be looking out for the next album! Joel Del Rosario
I would like to personally thank you for visiting my web site and also wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving! Joel Del Rosario
Available online are clips of JDR at the "Relay for Life" cancer walk and Milpitas Arts Festival. Go to and type in "Joel Del Rosario" and check it out!
Just in, JDR's 'One Way Street' remix will be featured at 'Kemp Mill' stores everywhere in their upcoming compilation CD!
JDR will be performing at SF State's Knuth Hall to celebrate jazz and honor several jazz greats! Come and celebrate alongside JDR as he performs with Melecio Magdaluyo (Pete Escovedo Band), Rudio Tenio (keyboardist/vocalist) and Ben Luis (Bassist). Other great artists will be there so be sure to attend as space is limited!
This October 6th, JDR will be playing with fellow bandmates from the CAG Youth group ( at the annual "Relay For Life - Cancer Walk Event" located @ Burlingame High School, Calfornia. More info including directions and address will be posted in the 'Calendar Dates' section!!
Hello listeners, we are happy to announce that JDR's "One Way Street" Milk & Honey Remix is being heard all around the world via! So, tune in and listen to JDR and other fantastic smooth jazz music online at, the world's most sought out smooth jazz online radio station!!
JDR's "Milk & Honey" remix will be aired on #1 Smooth Jazz's DJ Rafe Gomez this 8/18 between 8:00pm-8:30pm EST!! The Groove Boutique is an international Smooth Jazz radio show featuring popular and upcoming artists!!! So check it out!!! The show will be broadcast all around the U.S. at varying times so check the schedule at: and tell Rafe how much you like "Milk & Honey Remix!!!
Come and see JDR play live this Aug 18 at 3:30pm at the "Celebrate Milpitas" Arts festival held in Milpitas, CA. Great outdoor event featuring great food and great music!!
This July 30 at 8:00 (PST) hear JDR in a live "one on one" interview with Washington radio's own Darrol Cox (KSVR). So tune in to find out more about JDR along with his album "Calm In The Storm". More info can be found at!!
We're currently working on the 3rd album untitled as of yet, but definitely going towards a more upbeat & smoother destination. Collaborating with JDR will be several well known artist so be on the lookout for JDR's newest release coming soon.
Now avaialable to Maryland residents, JDR's "Calm In The Storm" tracks are now being aired at your local Kemp Mill record stores so be on the lookout for the album and get yours!
Purchase "Calm In The Storm" at ITunes. You may also purchase the whole album at CDBaby as well!
The new "Milk & Honey" remix is now being aired at, the world's greatest source for online smooth jazz music!
In collaboration with "Harlem After Midnite's" own radio personality Gary Tann, a funky/cool remix of "One Way Street" is coming your way. Be on the look out as this hot concoction rightly named the "Milk & Honey Remix" is going down this summer at your jazz stations!
Several songs including "One Way Street" and "True Love Waits" are now hitting the Harlem airwaves via WHCR/90.3 FM. Thanks to Gary Tann of WHCR FM! PS Happy Valentines day to all.
Belgium was one of my favorite spots in Brussels and I'm pleased to announce they have made a review at the following Belgium music site: "" under Joel Del Rosario
Now available are several of Joel's tracks at, your place for purchasing original music for film and tv placement.
Joel Del Rosario's "Back In The Day" will be featured in this year's Oasis CD Rock and Roots Sampler broadcast throughout the US! Be sure to look for it!
Joel plays tribute to veteran Bay Area blues musicians: Carlos Zialcita (harmonica) and Ben Luis (bass). Find out more about these legends in the San Francisco Chronicle ( search 'Joel Del Rosario')
Come see another awesome review about "Calm in the Storm" at ink19!!
Now available....please read reviews under the 'Press/Reviews' section of this site regarding "Calm In The Storm" from all around the world and see what the buzz is about!!
JDR's "True Love Waits" and "Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That" will be included in "Real Men Serve God", a compilation CD sponsored by Bliss Entertainment featuring Christian Artists from around the USA. More info can be seen at
JDR's 2nd album "Calm In The Storm" will be available at online retail stores 7/19/06. Keep up to date with the CD release and future events at!!

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